It’s nice to meet you

Blaster is a Community of Companies and IT specialists in Kaunas, Lithuania. Members of IT cluster Blaster are professionals in providing wide range of IT services for clients from all over the world.

Blaster members:






Tiny Lab Productions

Blaster is also a co-working space for its members. Working in the same office Blaster people are capable to share knowledge, create & maintain office culture, generate new ideas when creating innovative IT products.

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Our Culture

We enjoy working together in a co-working space, so we are making our days much more easier. Our culture inside the office is based on knowledge sharing, help to eachother and relaxation.

For better Mondays


Muffins are the solution. Every Monday we receive hundreds of muffins for breakfast and the day becomes much more lovely.

Fridays with Barney


Barney is not our co-worker. This dog is our friend. He is the one who tells that weekend is already here.

Lan party

LAN party

We love our work space and we tend to stay after work to gather with laptops and play computer games. Whenever we do that- pizza and good time are always around.

Chill zone


Instead of sitting all day we choose to move a little bit or to chill a little bit. We have a chill zone in our office with Table Tennis, Table Football and PS4.

Feels like home


Shoes are not needed to create big things! So we choose warm slippers which make everyone feel like at home.

Travelling together


Every summer we organize work days outside the city, every winter we go together to the mountains for skiing. Everyone can come up with a travelling idea and find people to travel together.