Future Engineers and IT specialists at Blaster

Future Engineers and IT specialists at Blaster

Young talents in Lithuania are driving the country forward, especially in IT field. Only small amount of pupils start learning and growing their skills in programming or design while the majority of pupils can’t figure out which field is the most interesting to them. Thanks to the project “Future engineers” created by “Create Lithuania” more than 1000 pupils in Lithuania had a chance to meet IT specialists and science representatives called engineers.

Companies from Blaster office got a chance to participate in “Future engineers” project and invited pupils to Blaster office to see and feel the life of an IT specialist.

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Pupils from all Lithuania

SneakyBox, TeleSoftas and ADEO WEB enjoyed the visits of pupils every week from the end of April to the beginning of June. Blaster became an attractive destination for pupils from all over Lithuania. We have met with students from Kaišiadorys, Griniškis, Josvainiai, Kėdainiai, Jonava, Meškuičiai, Žaiginys, Vilkaviškis, Vilkija and Kaunas.

It was important for Blaster companies to meet pupils from smaller cities as they do not get so much attention from the representatives of the technology field.

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From programmers to designers

“It is our honor and duty to introduce pupils of Lithuania with a wide range of possibilities in IT field. Most people in Blaster are young talents and we want pupils to understand that they can become those talents too and really soon!” – says the CEO of ADEO WEB Paulius Nagys.

The range of possibilities in IT field is really wide and that is what pupils understood when different types of specialists were coming over to share their stories. Besides programmers, there are also Quality Assurance specialists, game creators, animators, communication specialists, project managers, graphic designers and much more young talents. Every specialist can find the way to the IT field.

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Various specialists revealed their career paths, the details about their work. Other specialists discussed with pupils about their passions and how to make them their dream job, others discussed about technologies, their impact on our future. Some pupils got many pieces of advice from IT specialists on how to start learning programming, creating games, creating designs and start learning the skills needed for their future.

The future is now

During the project “Future engineers” we had 11 visits and all of them had some pupils who were already passionate about IT field. Yet we believe that after visiting us, some other pupils got interested in IT and will start creating their own path to the magical world of IT.

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The future IT specialists are already becoming young talents and we cannot even imagine what new technologies they will be able to work with! Their future careers start now and we cannot wait to see them as our colleagues!

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