Climbing wall at Blaster office!

Climbing wall at Blaster office!

When an IT office becomes your second home, it has to be the greatest place of all! That is why Blaster office became one of the first IT offices in Lithuania to have a Climbing wall!

The idea to equip a climbing wall was born two years ago, when TeleSoftas, SneakyBox and ADEO WEB opened an office called Blaster. This practice is quite popular in the world, especially in the biggest tech companies, such as Google, Adobe, Yahoo and others. Employees are provided with physical and mental sport which help for creativity and problem solving at the workspace.

climbing wall (3)

As everyone at the office was waiting for climbing wall to finally appear on the ceiling, we had even an internal opening event! All employees at Blaster were introduced with the safety instructions because it is crucial for all to know how to climb and how to do it in a safe way.

climbing wall (4) climbing wall 5

The climbing wall has even 15 different level tracks marked with different colors so there will be a chance to practice climbing for everyone, beginners, and advanced climbers.

TeleSoftas CEO Algirdas Stonys and TeleSoftas developer Marius were the first ones to try our climbing wall!

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