Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022!

Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022!

March 29th was the day of celebration for whole Lithuania, especially for Kaunas city. As Blaster office is located in Kaunas, our companies did not miss a chance to help to the team of Kaunas 2022 to strive for their dream of becoming European Capital of Culture 2022!

It all started in April 2016, when Kaunas 2022 team visited Blaster and initiated the long-term cooperation. ADEO WEB, TeleSoftas and SneakyBox became the ambassadors of Kaunas 2022 project.

kaunas kultūros sostinė

Kaunas 2022 team visited Blaster on April 2016 (Photo of Blaster)

This year two cities of Lithuania Kaunas and Klaipėda got into the finals and were examined by the judges from Europe on March 27-29th. Kaunas prepared a day to remember for the judges from Europe who visited Kaunas for only 1 day.

The excursion started in Municipality of Kaunas, with the meeting at Mayor’s office, then the trip with a funicular to Aleksotas viewpoint, then to an extraordinary installation at Kaunas city Hall. Then they climbed to the roof at Šilainiai district, had lunch in the middle of a basketball court, had a Virtual reality tour at the post office and also visited the best IT place in Kaunas!

Kaunas 2022 (4)

Blaster office waiting for judges (Photo of Blaster)

Blaster office became an attraction point for the judges to see the representatives of creative industries sector! We’ve prepared for their visit and showed around our unique co-working office, introduced to all of our companies and innovations we develop at Blaster. The judges also wanted to have a small discussion where we talked about technologies in the city, community and the whole world.

kaunas 2022

Discussion at Blaster office (Photo of Kaunas 2022)


Blaster also implemented an idea of illustrating the soviet times at the central post office of Kaunas. We introduced judges to a VR experience at the post office, where they could see and feel the time period of censorship. At the post office, judges were also officially scared by the VR Dragon of Kaunas. It was a bit scary but entertaining experience, watching the fiction creature coming right into you!

kaunas 2022 (1)

Judges at the post office experiencing the period of censorship (Photo of Kaunas 2022)

Kaunas 2022 (2)

Judges at the post office experiencing VR Dragon (Photo of Kaunas 2022)

ADEO WEB, TeleSoftas and SneakyBox were happy to contribute to the already selected European Capital of Culture 2022! Congratulations to all the team of Kaunas 2022! New challenges are waiting for us in a near future!

Kaunas 2022 (5)

Blaster team at the post office (Photo of Blaster)

Photos of Blaster and Kaunas 2022

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