ADEO WEB and SneakyBox at CeBIT

ADEO WEB and SneakyBox at CeBIT

Every Spring CeBIT becomes one of the most awaited expos in Europe for all IT enthusiasts. New and exciting technologies, innovative solutions, long lasting business cooperations – it all happens at CeBIT, where Blaster companies ADEO WEB and SneakyBox also had a chance to participate.

The Innovations & Trends

Every expo has it’s most common tendencies which can be clearly seen for every participant. This year CeBIT kept up with the pace and demonstrated the same trends as Mobile World Congress this year.


Internet of Things, 5G and Virtual reality – these were the main and the biggest topics to hear, see, discuss and try out.


Yet the exposition was also concentrated into the topics about Artificial Intelligence, Business security, and Cloud technologies.


Hannover – Leading Exhibition City

Every year CeBIT takes place in Hannover, Germany – one of the leading Exhibition Cities in the World! With 3000 exhibitors, spread across 14 different halls and 200 000 participants, CeBIT is recognized as one of the biggest IT expo in Europe.


In comparison with last year, the number of German exhibitors increased this year together with companies from China and Japan.

The Show of Technologies

It is true that CeBIT is also called a Show and apparently that is why the biggest technology brands can’t stop investing in their luxurious and outstanding stands.


While biggest brands are showing off their colorful lights and well-known products, innovative startups are hiding in not so colorful shadows. And while crowds are searching for the spot under the pink flying flowers, noteworthy solutions are not meant to be seen for the same crowds.


Yet the organizers of expo released a promo video for CeBIT in 2018! The new composition – Tech Festival is going to be slightly different and way more attractive! So the show elements might go out and the most creative participants will stand out.

CeBIT2      CeBIT5

ADEO WEB and SneakyBox participated in CeBIT on March 22-23rd together with other members of “Infobalt” association. This was a great opportunity to discover the near future of IT field, to initiate new cooperations and experience the magic of CeBIT!

Photos of ADEO WEB and SneakyBox

***This content is taken from ADEO WEB.

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