“TeleSoftas” is creating a HIIT workout App

“TeleSoftas” is creating a HIIT workout App

Blaster office is a place of innovations! HIIT workout App is almost here!

This week “TeleSoftas” together with sports coach Karolis Čiutra were creating an App for doing sports at home. It will be an innovative way to do HIIT workout at home, with a help of virtual assistant.

Coach Karolis prepared a training program of different intensity levels. He recorded the program with the movement sensors so that users could do all the exercises in a right way. The timer on the App will control the workout and the avatar will show the moves.

HIIT workout app

HIIT workout app

The HIIT workout at home will be a great way to exercise and keep in a good shape. The training will be highly effective as Karolis Čiutra is a professional sports coach with a Black Karate Belt. He owns “Dojo Kaunas” – a karate club for children and he is also a coach for Cardio Kickbox in gyms in Kaunas.

HIIT timer app3

People working in “TeleSoftas”, “ADEO WEB” and “SneakyBox” are into sports. A lot! This App “HiiT timer” will be the new way to exercise and an alternative to the gym!

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