Šarūnas Jasiukevičius shared Chernobyl stories at Blaster

Šarūnas Jasiukevičius shared Chernobyl stories at Blaster

New Year began and a new guest speaker has visited Blaster office! Šarūnas Jasiukevičius is a traveler, writer, TV show creator, and producer.

He came to Blaster to share his story about his illegal trip to Chernobyl! As we all know, Chernobyl is a zone in Ukraine full of radiation after a nuclear disaster in 1986. Šarūnas Jasiukevičius started his story with a detailed reminder of how the disaster happened. And then continued with his personal experience in Chernobyl 30 years after.

cernobylis šarūnas jasiukevicius

Šarūnas experienced a life of a ‘stalker’ – that’s how illegal tourists in Chernobyl are called. Sleeping in shelters of ‘stalkers’, constant measurement of radiation, heavy backpacks and lack of food.. All was worth for the exciting emotions, amazing shots, and unforgettable experience!

cernobylis šarūnas jasiukevicius2

Blaster people heard so many stories about being caught by police, living in an evacuated city, sleeping in any apartment you want and so on.. This was a great time spent with inspirational thoughts for traveling and discovering!

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