TeleSoftas participated in AI challenge

TeleSoftas participated in AI challenge

Blaster office was alive 24/7 this Tuesday, as 5 teams from TeleSoftas were creating AI bots all night long! Shouts of joy, many ‘wows’ and ‘ohs’ – Blaster office was full of emotions that day.

TeleSoftas accepted the challenge to participate in Vindinium and to create Artificial Intelligence bots! Half of TeleSoftas separated in 5 unique teams. Lithuanian and the UK companies created this internal challenge with established prizes. In total, 15 teams participated!


After the stage of bots creation, all teams started watching how their bots were competing in an online game. At the beginning, some of TeleSoftas teams were in front of all participants! The leaderboard was mostly friendly to Lithuanians.


After numerous matches played, 2 teams from TeleSoftas and 2 teams from the UK made to the finals!

When victory seemed so close, Lithuanians had to admit the advantage of the UK teams. Leaderboard showed the winners of challenge – the UK teams received a 1st and a 2nd place, and one TeleSoftas team remained in the 3rd place.


This was an experience that all teams appreciated! We will be waiting for more challenges !

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