ADEO WEB partners with JetBrains

ADEO WEB partners with JetBrains

ADEO WEB, as many IT companies, are used to improving their way of everyday work. Everyone wants to be as efficient as possible and various tools are here to help! One of the major providers of tools for software developers is JetBrains, a Czech Republic-based company with offices throughout Europe and North America.

JetBrains aims to make software development a more productive and enjoyable experience. For 15 years they have created the strongest developer tools that have been acknowledged with more than 300 industry awards. JetBrains has 20 products specifically created for developers regardless of the technology or platform. Their most widely-known tools include IntelliJ IDEA, ReSharper, PhpStorm and TeamCity.

ADEO WEB became a JetBrains Training Partner in October 2016. This partnership means that Lithuanian developers will not only have the opportunity to use JetBrains tools in local trainings, but also meet and discuss the latest trends and technologies with developers from JetBrains.


The first part of this partnership will be a webinar focused on PHP developers leveraging PhpStorm IDE. The webinar is still being organized and will be hosted at Blaster Office in Kaunas, where ADEO WEB is based together with TeleSoftas and SneakyBox. It will be open to all developers in Lithuania and subject to availability.

Our international training partnership with JetBrains is a great opportunity for ADEO WEB and for our local community of developers as a whole! The IT world is getting bigger and better, and we are happy to be a part of it!

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