Blaster was running in Kaunas marathon 2016!

Blaster was running in Kaunas marathon 2016!

Kaunas city was full of runners on June 12th when Kaunas marathon conquered the streets. Blaster couldn’t resist and participated with a blast!

Blaster people started registration and preparation for marathon at March, but there was some enthusiasts, who signed for Kaunas marathon in 2015, just after the event! Blaster people divided into 3 groups and ran the distances of 21km, 10km and 5km.

Kauno maratonas

Some Blaster people were running to reach goals and best results and others were into challenging themselves and to run for fun! We want to share and congratulate our colleagues who did the best and reached the best results among Blaster runners!

21km – for most of Blaster people it was an utopia, but for 5 Blaster people it was a great challenge! And the TOP 3 fastest Blaster runners of 21km were:

1.Vaidotas Rutkauskas

2.Martynas Gavelis

3.Povilas Pečkaitis

10km – a smaller, but still a big challenge, which people of Blaster accepted! And the TOP 3 fastest Blaster people of 10km were:

1.Algirdas Bataitis

2.Aurimas Rekštys

3.Mindaugas Antanavičius and Valdas Kriščeliūnas

5km – the most popular distance among Blaster people. Even 16 people participated and it was a great balance between reaching goals and having fun! And the TOP 3 fastest Blaster people of 5km were:

1.Nerijus Eimanavičius

2.Rokas Jasonas

3.Juras Biliūnas

Congratulations to our all runners! Next year Blaster will participate again!
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Everyone can check personal results here:

Photos of Blaster and Linas Šilkaitis

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