Interns from Kaunas Saulės gymnasium @ ADEO WEB

Interns from Kaunas Saulės gymnasium @ ADEO WEB

Blaster office was young again for whole week! “ADEO WEB”- member of Blaster invited two scholars Paula and Saulė from Kaunas Saulės gymnasium to complete an internship for 1 week.

This internship was based on Project management and Communications so interns were introduces about the activities and projects of “ADEO WEB”. On Monday Saulė and Paula were introduced to Blaster office and “ADEO WEB” and they had to write case studies about design solutions for 2 projects. On Tuesday they received another task: to make feature list using 5 Magento modules. In fact, they’ve completed this task very well! During the rest of the days interns wrote 2 articles about activities of “ADEO WEB” and made a folder full of information about Virtual reality and e-commerce.


During the week Saulė and Paula were shooting a short video about their practice and enjoyed working in Blaster office. As we know, this internship was very successful, as tasks were completed really well and interns were happy about the experience.

This “Career week 2016” was organised by “LMS Kaunas”. We are happy to participate in this kind of events and we hope to participate even more!

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