Blaster is officially a cluster

Blaster is officially a cluster


2015 February 17th is the day when story of Blaster cluster begun.

On early morning CEOs of 6 IT companies gathered together to sign the contract to establish innovative IT cluster called Blaster. The idea to establish an IT cluster was in the air for a very long time. So 6 IT companies from Kaunas decided to unite. Let’s talk about those 6 IT companies:

  1. UAB TeleSoftas is the first mobile app development services company in Lithuania. Established in 2003 with main office in Kaunas Lithuania and representative offices in Dubai, Zurich and San Francisco.
  2. UAB AdeoWeb is enthusiastic and passionate Magento e-commerce development company, which provide services from strategy creation to its implementation.
  3. UAB SneakyBox is specializing in game development for PC and mobile platforms including Web, Windows, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
  4. UAB Distris is providing IT services such as programming and computer systems design.
  5. UAB Invenis which has a name of Tiny Lab Productions was founded in 2010 by a group of experienced developers & designers who love to play and create positive games.
  6. UAB E-Bros is a software development house. They are offering full technology stack from mobile and web front-ends to backend development and business intelligence.

Now those 6 IT companies are members of Blaster. Three companies of this list SneakyBox, AdeoWeb and TeleSoftas are living together in a co-working space which is also called Blaster. So to make more clear- Blaster is not only a cluster, but it is also a co-working space for members of Blaster cluster.

Here is what media shared about us: Kas vyksta Kaune (about Blaster co-working space) and Kas vyksta Kaune (about Blaster cluster)

Photo of Rokas Tenys (Kas vyksta Kaune)